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Updated September 23rd, 2021


If you keep up with our weekly round-up of Breaking at Breakfast, then you know that we haven’t necessarily been to all of those spots. However, they’re on our radar and that’s where we’d be eating and drinking if we were you. We told you we’d let you know more if we end up loving them. So here we are!

What We Ate This Week will cover everything that’s new, newish, or that we’ve recently tried.


Address: 1920 Collins Avenue (inside the Hotel Greystone)
Neighborhood: South Beach
By: Sarah Dunn

This week, the Hotel Greystone debuted for a second time (the original opening was right before the COVID lockdown). The boutique hotel, with 1939 Art Deco decor, has a food and beverage program led by Executive Chef Pawan Pinisetti. Pinisetti, a “Chopped” champion with extensive experience, is overseeing its signature restaurant, Serevene, as well as the fast-casual Japanese restaurant KOBO and the hotel’s rooftop bar. Serevene had its grand opening this week, while KOBO and the rooftop bar will open later this year.

Last week, we attended the preview of Serevene. We began our evening in The Greystone Bar, an elegant lobby bar with live piano music and creative cocktails. Then we enjoyed some of Chef Pinisetti’s favorites from Serevene’s dinner menu, which blends French rotisserie traditions with Japanese izakaya. His dishes, which feature locally sourced ingredients, are complemented by an impressive wine and mixology program.

The menu has five sections: Fresh (starters), Les Racines (root vegetables), Crisp, Rotisserie, and Izakaya. We began our meal with the Beef Tartare, a deconstructed version of the French classic with Creekstone Farm’s filet mignon, red onion, chive, caper, grated egg yolk, and Lays chips. Next, we enjoyed the Avocado Roll, delightful bites of avocado served on glass vermicelli and seasoned with togarashi and a yuzu vinaigrette. Our favorite dish was the Lobster Uni-Alfredo, a decadent plate of butter-poached lobster with bucatini pasta and a parmesan crust, topped with domestic caviar.

Serevene is serving dinner Mondays, Thursdays, and Sundays from 6 PM until midnight, and Fridays and Saturdays from 6 PM until 2 AM.

serevene miami

Credit Hotel Greystone


Address: 3444 Main Hwy Suite 21, Miami, FL 33133, United States
Neighborhood: Coconut Grove
By: Andrea Becerra 

On a humid “fall” night in Miami, we stopped by the recently opened Chug’s Diner in Coconut Grove. We grabbed the best seat in the house which of course is at the bar and chatted with team members Mike and Jeff (maybe Geoff) over dry gin martinis.

This isn’t your quintessential diner (although it does have lime green diner stools and classic stainless steel napkin dispensers). This is a diner for Miami. And yes, it includes a ventanita but also a full bar.

Chef Michael Beltran creator of Chug’s has creatively refined classic diner staples with his fine-dinning background and Cuban influence. Not-so traditional dishes have also made it on the menu like the Oxtail Ajiaco, which is a Cuban and/or Colombian soup, depending on who you ask. His version includes corn, boniato, malanga and plátano macho. We’re just waiting for the temperature to drop to order this wholesome bowl.

It was challenging to make our choice because so many things were popping out at us from the Camarones Enchilados (grilled prawns, sofrito, tomato, white rice) to the Pan con Bistec served with oxtail jus and horseradish aioli.

Salad was out but if they are anything like sister restaurant Nave’s greens we’ll be back for the Wedge with baby iceberg, Beltran’s bacon, bleu cheese, hard-boiled egg and green goddess dressing.

On this night, we went for the Medianoche Pierogis with lechón, ham, Swiss cheese, potato, mojo onions with a mustard aioli. Great for sharing and the right way to start off our meal. We also went for the sweet and tangy Raspita de Lechón on crispy rice with guava bbq sauce and pickled onions.

The highlight was the Meatloaf. We didn’t really grow up eating this dish at home but if we did, we imagine it one be exactly like the one at Chug’s. For the perfect bite grab a piece of the tender meatloaf with tamarind ketchup, whipped mashed potato, peas and carrots.

Stop by Chug’s when you want to feel good and cozy! You’ll be swaying in you seat to some hip hop and old school Cuban tunes. Can’t wait to try the Cast Iron Pancakes slow-cooked in clarified butter at 10 PM or breakfast in our fanciest pjs paired with the Improved Carajillo, a breakfast cocktail with vodka, vanilla, coffee liqueur and Cuban coffee. For more info click HERE. 

Photo credit: Blue Shell Media


Address: 1300 Brickell Bay Dr, Miami, FL 33131, United States
Neighborhood: Brickell
By: Andrea Becerra 

Celebrating a birthday with a group of six? Consider Osaka in Brickell. They’re serving Nikkei-inspired dishes in a dark wooden and bronze toned restaurant setting. It’s just the spot to avoid the Beach, dress up and enjoy Peruvian dishes with Japanese technique. The best part is that meal will be light enough that you won’t  want to take a nap after especially since you’re here for a birthday and chances are this won’t be the last stop of the night.

We’re drinking sake but they also have a nice cocktail menu with drinks like the Mr. Osaka with rum, lulo, basil honey, citrus bitter, tonic and rosemary smoke.

Since this is a group outing, sharing is the name of the game. Order to the center of the table some of our favorites that include the Osk Ceviche with tuna, crispy quinoa, kyuri, yuzu ponzu sauce; Carpassion, a salmon carpaccio with passion fruit honey, watercress and crispy strips; Chirashi Causa made with yellow potato, topped with tuna tataki, crab salad, ikura, dresses with acevichada sauce. From the nigiri section we’d get the Inca with cured tuna, aji amarillo, chalaquita, black quinoa; the Katsu with salmon belly, lemon zest, white truffle oil; and the Hotate Truffle with Hokkaido scallop, truffle butter, and lime.


Address: 3101 NE 7th Ave, Miami, FL 33137, United States
Neighborhood: Edgewater
By: Andrea Becerra 

If you’re looking for a great place to have a weekday lunch. Check out Amara at Paraiso, Chef Michael Schwartz’s Edgewater restaurant.

We love the ocean views especially when we’re looking to disconnect from the world. Take in the perfect Miami skyline, of course snap a photo and dig into their Latin focused menu.

We went for their Miami Spice Lunch menu times two. For appetizers, we loved the Corn & Leek Empanada and the refreshing Watermelon Salad with queso fresco, spiced pumpkin seed, serrano chile and fresh mint.

Light and shredded Poached Chicken Salad with mixed greens, pomegranate, green mango, cucumber, toasted pumpkins seeds, queso fresco and a pomegranate dressing.

Looking for something on the heartier side, try the Grilled Local Fish with cilantro rice, toasted cashew, pickled vegetables, crispy onions and green curry for a nice spicy kick.

For more Miami Spice recommendations click HERE.

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