Where to go when you want to flirt in Miami

The bars & restaurants where you could meet someone


Keep this guide handy for when you’re in the mood to flirt in Miami. 

It’s your time to talk to whoever you please and just have a flirty summer. We’ve been doing our homework and it’s no easy task to find places (that aren’t clubs) where you can chat with a stranger and have some fun. We’re not here to promise relationships and the forever kind of love your parents may have.

However, if you’re looking for a good time, a place where it’s not weird to strike up a conversation with a desconocido, have some flirty banter, well these are the spots.

We’ll be adding bars and restaurants, and keep you in the loop when we discover new places. But for now, this is what we got.

If you have a place in mind that we should check out, reach out to us HERE. And if you want to help us and do some field testing, feel free to use our pick-up line, “Hey, so I’m researching where to go when you want to flirt, what do you think of this place?” And see where that takes you…


Neighborhood: Brickell
Address: 33 SE 7th St Suite 10

Looking for the banker, more financially versed group to flirt with, then add the bar inside the River Oyster Bar to your list. All the finance execs living and/or working in Brickell will flock here for happy hour. The bar will get crowded on Thursday and Friday making it a great spot to literally bump into each other and strike up a conversation. 

Happy Hour deals include 1/2 off oysters seven days a week from 4:30 PM – 7 PM. You can also get Baked Clams, Sardine Toast with whipped ricotta, Bar Tacos, and Deviled Eggs with Caviar for a special price. As far as drinks go, specials include $5 draft beers, $8 wines by the glass, $8 classic martinis & well drinks.


Neighborhood: Brickell
Address: 1010 Brickell Ave #200A

In recent times, Dom’s, DC PIE Co.’s cozy bar next door has been hosting karaoke nights on Thursday, and let’s just say that what better way to break the ice than by singing your little hearts out.

Work the crowd, leave an impression and we predict conversations coming your way. We promise you’ll make quick friendships that night. Will they last? That’s entirely on you. Either way, Dom’s karaoke vibe is inviting and perfect for some flirting. We’d also grab a pizza at DC PIE Co., right before the night takes off.


Neighborhood: Downtown
Address: 157 E Flagler St

We can all be happily lost at this local downtown bar. Think classic English pub collides with an American tavern, and that’s Lost Boy. Here things can get interactive with board games, darts, and a pool table.
It’s also a great spot to watch sports!

Happy Hour is available from Monday to Friday from 4 PM – 7 PM, enjoy half-off on all cocktails, beer, wine, and spirits.


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Neighborhood: Brickell
Address: 75 SE 6th St

For some late-night debauchery that might get handsy, stop by Better Days. Count on a 3 AM drunken make-out session if that’s what you’re looking for. Here you will send all the texts that you said you wouldn’t send according to their IG tagline.

Located in Brickell, this casual neighborhood bar (that for some reason reminds us of Stranger Things) hosts karaoke on Monday and happy hour every day from 5 PM – 8 PM.


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Neighborhood: Coconut Grove
Address: 3035 Fuller St

For some laid-back neighborhood vibes, always say yes to Cudas or Barracudas. This dive bar located in the heart of Coconut Grove is unpredictable in the best way possible. You never know how the night will transpire but rest assured it will always be a good time.

Play beer pong inside and remember your college years. Or hang out at the outdoor pink picnic tables with a beer pitcher, some waffle fries, and maybe some chicken fingers.


Neighborhood: Downtown
Address: 151 E Flagler St

When you want to be surrounded by neon lights, frozen drinks in plastic kiddie cups, and one of the best burgers in Miami, stop by Over Under. Make friends at the bar or stand/sit at their indoor bleachers.

Come early to eat cause the food is good and you’ll want to get situated but stay late for the dancing. They serve food until midnight and offer happy hour from 5 PM to 7 PM.


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Neighborhood: Miami Beach
Address: 4385 Collins Ave

Yes, we know that to get into Soho House you need to be a member or be friends with a member. We’re including them on our list because they already have a filtering system in play. And we’ll wouldn’t it be nice if someone is already doing background checks for you?! Yes.

They’re targeting creative types, entrepreneurs, and those sorts of types, giving them access to their clubhouse, rooftop, pool, beach, special events, and activations. If this sounds like something you’d like we’ll get a membership or a friend with a membership. A new house is also coming to Wynwood, meaning more members to come to the Miami Pool House in 2022.


Neighborhood: Midtown
Address: 3456 N Miami Ave

If you’re hanging out in Midtown and looking for a spot that can easily transition from happy hour to late-night dancing, we suggest the Sylvester.

The theme is retro Miami and it has lots of dark, cozy corners perfect for some flirting. Oh, and the cocktails are great too if you’re looking for something fun to drink.


Neighborhood: Downtown
Address: 1035 N Miami Ave #101

The Corner is probably one of the most interesting Downtown bars. Naturally, it’s on a corner next to two of Miami’s biggest nightclubs, Space and E11even. Here you can find all kinds of characters (locals and tourists). It could be the start of your night or the end of your night. We guarantee stories for the day after.


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Ok so we are biased but seriously our events are great spots to meet and flirt. And also if you’re looking for something that will last a little bit longer than one night, we have a track record for playing matchmakers.

We usually have at least two events per month at different restaurants and bars around Miami. Coming up next week is our Sunset Party and Front Row Experience: Cocktail Making Class. See you there!

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Where to go when you want to flirt in Miami