Anti-Racism Resources for the Dinner Table

How to start being inclusive of the Black community

Updated June 8, 2020

Being actively anti-racist can start at the dinner table

We vowed always to bring people together through food. However, we underestimated the importance of being actively inclusive of the Black community. Last week was only the start. What has happened in our country is not acceptable. We know that now and we have so much work ahead of us.

The changes we are implementing won’t happen overnight. We are only now just starting to build relationships with the Black community in Miami. The changes that must occur are present in us and we will check ourselves moving forward and hope that the community holds us accountable.

We will continue to share resources on our social media and on that will help us be part of this change. We will get to know the restaurants of Black business owners, include them in our editorial guides, our Shift Notes, our LIVE cooking classes, our social initiative #FeedTheChain and future projects.

As you think about, “what’s for dinner tonight?” join us in having conversations with your families, friends and colleagues about understanding the many layers of what it is like to be born Black. Join us in brainstorming what we can do together to be actively anti-racist.

We admit we don’t have all the answers but we are grateful to those that can educate us. We are listening and we will highlight the incredible people and food that make up this industry.

Let this post be an ongoing tool so we can learn how to do our part. All feedback is welcomed HERE.

Know the name Katherine Fernández Rundle


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Updated June 8, 2020
Dream Defenders is an organization that is actively working towards the safety and security of our community. They are fighting for a world with fewer people behind bars. They believe in better healthcare, housing, and jobs for all. This year State Attorneys in Florida are up for re-election. Dream Defenders is campaigning that we vote Katherine Fernández Rundle out in the August 18 primary. She has been in office for 27 years and is notoriously known for never prosecuting officers that have been accused of police brutality & deadly shootings. For more information on how to have a say on the Sheriffs, State Attorneys and Judges in our state click HERE.

Culture Crusaders shares a list of local organizations, anti-racism guides, legal representation & bailout funds

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 Updated June 8, 2020
Culture Crusaders by Prism Group has created a list of local organizations that are working for Black justice. Learn about them and donate if you can. Stay up to date with The New Florida Majority. They are having conversations about federal, state and local policies and increasing the voting power of Black and brown communities.

You need to listen to Chef Sophia Roe


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 Updated June 8, 2020
Chef & Welfare advocate Sophia Roe reminds us it is not the job of black people to educate us, it is our job. If they choose to educate us, its a courtesy. Listen over and over again. She is firm and eloquently speaks about structural racism, how language matters and more.

A podcast about racism in the wine industry


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Beverage Director Bianca Sanon of Boia De appeared on Disgorgeous Pod with Jirka Jireh of Ordinaire Wine bar and shop in Oakland, Etinosa Emokpae of restaurant Friday, Saturday & Sunday in Philly, Imane Hanine of Hudson Ranch in Napa and LA-based writer LaShea Delaney who has written for Los Angeles Magazine, Indiewire and more. They were offered the Disgorgeous podcast as a platform to speak about racism in the food and beverage industry. Johnn McCarroll and Kevin Diamond who are the hosts of this podcast just listened. This conversation was mind-opening and gave us insight into what it is like to pursue a career in wine as someone Black. Although we will never fully understand their struggles it was an amazing opportunity to hear these women.

More resources from a friend that’s been educating herself far longer than we have


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Merel Petri is a friend. She also works for a beverage company called Dirty Lemon that strives to improve your everyday routine. Merel has been educating herself on how to actively be anti-racist. She has created this document of resources that we have started reading and taking action. Click HERE to check it out. She has also started a weekly call that we are part of.  On these calls, we have uncomfortable discussions that need to happen. Every week she sends a podcast episode to listen to. This week we will discuss the role of American policing and its history of racism and listening to Throughline: American Police. We also donate $5 t0 $10 as a group to a different organization. This week we are donating to LGBTQ+ Freedom Fund, a black-led organization that posts bail to secure the safety of those in jail and immigration detention. It is a safe space where we are practicing patience, correcting each other and learning. We hope that sharing this information might inspire you to have your own conversations.


As we mentioned before, this post is an ongoing tool so we can learn how to do our part.
All feedback is welcomed HERE.