Chef’s Choice Dinner Series

Featuring Estrella Damm Beer

Photo By: Zucca
By: Diana Rodriguez

Across 35 specially selected restaurants in Miami, you will find a two-course prix fixe menu featuring Estrella Damm beer. Also featured–two main ingredients–short rib and eggplant. The dinner series runs through the end of October so you have to move fast. And since we got to experience the menus from four different chefs, we have just the recommendations you need.

Favorite Dishes

From Chef Eileen Andrade of Amelia’s 1931 and Finka Table & Tap, we thoroughly enjoyed the Double Patty Shortrib Slider. The first beef patty sat on a dollop of Korean BBQ mayo (there’s that fusion), and then topped with white cheddar, thick tomato slice, another patty, red onions and massaged kale. Open wide, friends!

On the same night, another Kendall OG packed some flavor into his Short Rib Shanghai Noodle Soup. We are talking about Chef Raymond Li from Palmar. His Chinese-Cuban-Colombian background and extensive culinary experience was woven into every sip of the scallion-koji broth. The 48-hour-braised short ribs made a good pair with the noodles and toasted peanuts.

A week later we sat down to dinner at Zucca featuring two menus from Chefs Herbert Schulz and Manuel Garcia–not to forget dessert by Chef Antonio Bachour. To start, Chef Herbert Schulz of Bachour got our appetites whet with the Eggplant Tartine. Crunchy on the edges and soft in the center, the sourdough bread was topped with babaganoush and a sweet-and-sour Japanese eggplant. This key ingredient added balance to the dish.

Then Zucca’s own, Chef Manuel Garcia, stole our hearts with the Ravioli di Short Rib con Sugo di Arrosto. Need some translation? Delicious AF! Another key ingredient was used here… yep, short rib. Slow-cooked and sauteed in reduction, it was the tender stuffing in each ravioli pocket.

Dessert was a treat–or two–from Bachour’s team. Rows of assorted macarons came from every side of the room. And the real show stopper was the “Rocher,” a decadent chocolate mousse with cream, hazelnuts, and specs of gold. Priceless.

Takeaway: With a little over 30 restaurants to pick from, we have given you four recommendations from Kendall to Gables, and Wynwood with menus priced at just $26. All you have to do now is go to at least one between now and Halloween. Chop chop! For participating restaurants click HERE!