EverCook: Miami's NEW way to host a dinner party

When you want to host a French dinner at home but cooking isn't your thing

EverCook: Miami’s NEW way to host a dinner party


By: Diana Rodriguez 
Meal type: French training, globally inspired and locally sourced.

We always want to host a dinner at home, problem is that ain’t nobody got time especially if we’re overachievers and want to make souffle. Leave it to the EverCook, a professional team whose goal is to share their passion and emotions by offering high standards of French gastronomy at your place. Vincent and Ingrid, the married duo behind EverCook are both from the South of France. Vincent Catala is a Pastry and Kitchen chef with over 20 years experience and Ingrid has a background in computer engineering with a passion for food.

We recently had the opportunity to have a taste of EverCook. Here’s what’s on the menu:

We watched the sunset from the balcony as the chefs prepped our 10-course dinner. With cocktail in hand, this was a dining experience we could get used to. Ingrid and Vincent are more than the faces behind EverCook. Their passion and talent have elevated all expectations of what fine dining really means. They took us beyond the restaurant and brought a vivid and creative experience with every dish. The best part, we were inside their friend’s apartment.

Favorite Dishes: EverCook customizes every event, so for our enjoyment, they featured pumpkin in every dish. The pumpkin sponge cake with wild salmon confit was one of our favorite starters. It was the right amount of saltiness in the salmon and we loved their freshly made bread, sliced and placed over the bowl.

Also, very impressed with their slow-cooked chicken breast in what they called a pumpkin explosion.

The last three courses were dedicated to our favorite: dessert. A pumpkin creme brulee was whipped into a long cylinder with maple syrup that was torched to get things toasty.

Takeaway: Customize your next dinner at home with EverCook. They work with you to design your event from as little as 10 people to larger parties of 300. It’s like having a personal chef at home with a high standard of French gastronomy. Check out their creations online or get a quote to host your own special evening at home by visiting evercookmiami.com today.