A list worthy of a Targaryen Queen in Miami

April 14th is near and everyone is waiting to see who will sit on the Iron Throne…

The season premiere of the final season of Game of Thrones is upon us which only means two things: who’s house are you watching it at and what are you ordering for delivery.

The Hungry Post has teamed up with some of our favorite restaurants that offer delivery in Miami every Sunday from April 14th – May 19th to bring Game of Thrones inspired dishes when watching the end of one of our generation’s greatest television hits.

We’d say all men & women must eat in high Valyrian but we’re not fluent, so, Valar Dohaeris for now!

Coyo Taco
The Three-headed Dragon Quesadilla 
Neighborhood: Brickell

Chicken, Steak and Mushroom Quesadilla, representing Daenerys Three Dragon (Drogon, Rhaegal, and Viserion). A very stuffed and cheesy Quesadilla that will satisfy even the most ferocious dragon.

Delivery available in Uber Eats

La Latina 
King’s Landing Feast
Neighborhood: Midtown

Tyrion’s Feast: includes an order of five tequeños and an arepa for the witty characters and queens.

King’s Landing Feast: an order of five tequeños, two arepas, and one cachapa. Inspired by the lavish style of the Westeros capital this combo will indulge even the hungriest throne pretender.

Mother of Dragon’s Sauce Combo: three house-made salsas, for those that want to feel like a dragon and say Dracarys, “Dragonfire” in High Valyrian. You’ll need to order these special sauces created by La Latina to top off your order

Delivery available in Uber Eats

Stanzione 87
Wildling Pizza with SNOW
Neighborhood: Brickell

Stanzione Pizza Wildling pizza is inspired by the Wildling Army and Jon Snow’s alliance to fight off the white walkers, The wildling army and Jon Snow. The Kale represents the forest north to the wall, sausage a favorite northern food and top it off with Pecorino (some snow) come hungry because winter is coming.

Delivery available in Uber Eats

Velvet Crème Donuts 
Westero’s Bounty
Neighborhood: Little Havana

You can get a dozen of Game of Thrones-inspired donuts at this Miami favorite donut shop. The dozen includes Dragon Eggs, filled up with, dulce de leche, chocolate or peanut butter.  Winter is coming (Stark family motto donuts) or even some Jelly donuts paying homage to the red wedding. You can pre-order the donuts by calling Velvet Crème. The dozen of donuts price is $35 or you can get individual dragon eggs for $3. We hope you’ll hatch some dragons and conquer the iron throne. Call ahead to pre order your Donuts at 786-420-5418

Delivery available in Uber Eats