Holiday Wine Guide by Miami Experts

Drinking like a pro this holiday season

This holiday season we’re drinking.

Holidays can bring out the worst in people. LOTS of feelings and drama. So when you’re at the dinner table with those family members that can’t stop talking about politics and COVID, pour yourself another glass.

We’ve enlisted the help of some of the best sommeliers and tastemakers in Miami. Together we’ve created this guide for what to drink throughout the holidays and what to buy if you’re gifting someone wine. You can purchase these vinos at local restaurants and wine shops.


Neighborhood: Downtown
Address: 134 NE 2nd Ave

Wine: 2019 Domaine Henri Milan ‘Haru’ Rosé
Recommended by: Alchemy of the Spirit (distributor of low intervention wines and craft spirits in the state of Florida). Haru Rosé is a blend of three grapes; Grenache, Syrah & Merlot – each lending something special to the cuvée.  The Grenache which is the grape of Provence offers a bright structure and elegant red fruits whereas the Syrah is much fuller in body with darker juice and blue fruit flavors.  Then you have the Merlot lends a nice spicy complexity to the wine along with its rich fruit profile.  This wine is a rich, spicy, juicy and yet dry which makes it is easy to drink as a starter with your canapés or even carry you through to your main and final courses.  It has depth.  It’s balanced.  It falls into that perfect place for a variety of people – it can please those who prefer whites, rosés or a light-bodied reds. Click HERE for info.

Wine: 2019 Sergio Drago Rosso (a blend of Nero D’ Avola and Syrah)
Recommended by: Arash Selects (Natural Wine Florida Importer & Distributor). Sicilians do it right. Think beach meets mountains like we’re bringing a bit of the cold front to palmy weather of Miami. The deep expression of Sicily’s quintessential grape can uplift any meal you’re putting together, no matter where the thermostat needle is pointing. Click HERE for info.

Wine: 2019 Domain Victor Sornin
Recommended by: Karina Iglesias (Co-owner of NIU Kitchen, Arson and Medium Wine Shop). Love Gamay (grape variety). I’m a sucker for a nice Fleurie (red wine from the Gamay grape variety). A nice Beaujolais (from the region of Beaujolais Villages in France) at the right temperature is great with turkey and also with fish. Click HERE for info.


Neighborhood: Coconut Grove
Address: 3413 Main Hwy
Recommended by: Josh Hackler (Co-owner of Krüs Kitchen).

Wine: Tetes Red
This has now been my house red for the past 3 months. Every time I pop the cork I’m blown away by the elegance and complexity all for a price you can’t beat. What can I say, I love Loire Valley. Click HERE for info.

Wine: Swick Pinot Noir
Outside of France, Willamette Valley makes some of the best Pinot in the world. The Swick Pinot is no exception. Given the high altitude of these single-vineyard plots, the style leans more Burgundian all without paying the price. Rounded out with dried black fruit notes, this wine is stellar. Click HERE for info.

Wine: Barig Orange
What constitutes an orange wine? Simply more maceration time of skin and juice resulting in more texture, color and layers. “Barig” is like biting into the perfect tangerine. Super approachable, delicious and dare I say crushable. Click HERE for info.


Neighborhood: Key Biscayne
Address: 328 Crandon Blvd # 122 -123
Recommended by: Allegra Angelo (Sommelier at Vinya).

Wine: 2018 Ciavolich Aries Pecorino
Imported by Consortium Wines. Pecorino is one of Italy’s most underrated grapes and Chiara Ciavolich, to me, is Abruzzo’s next break-out star. This 2018 bounces from the glass with notes of salted lemon, peach, and rosemary and syncs well with holiday-inspired veggie dishes as well as seafood and fish. Bonus, these wines are brand new to Florida! Click HERE for info.

Wine: 2017/2018 Fixin by Mongeard-Mugneret
Imported by Vineyard Brands. You can never go wrong with top-notch red Burgundy, but the good stuff gets pricey. So, look for lesser-known appellations from superior producers, like this Fixin by Mongeard-Mugneret. Mongeard-Mugneret is one of my go-to producers because their wines are perfectly ripe (never green or plump) and are insanely silky on the palate. I’ve been drinking these wines for 15+ years, and I still get excited every time I pop the cork on one. Click HERE for info.


Neighborhood: South Beach
Address: 820 Alton Road
Recommended by: Jacqueline Pirolo (Managing Partner at Macchialina).

Wine: Case Paolin, Asolo Col Fondo Brut N.V. (Veneto)
Bubbles at the holidays may be cliche, but some cliches started for good reason. Bubbles don’t have to break the bank – you can opt for a Col Fondo- it’s the OG Prosecco. The secondary fermentation happens inside the bottle resulting in an unfiltered, frizzante style that is less sweet but a bit more complex and intense. Click HERE for info.

Wine: Rosso del Palazzone N.V. 
Large Format aka Magnums! Often people think magnums carry a hefty price tag and the size intimidates them – well I’m here to break those stereotypes. It’s only 2 bottles- so if you’re with a group, it might be a good idea to open up a magnum. It’s also a show stopper a gift to someone who is hosting you. A go-to for me is the Rosso del Palazzone. Click HERE for info.


Neighborhood: Little River
Address: 207 NE 82nd Terrace
Recommended by: Alchemy of the Spirit (distributor of low intervention wines and craft spirits in the state of Florida).

Wine: 2019 Uva de Vida ‘Ancestral Rosado’
Pet-Nats are ALWAYS a delightful way to go for a larger meal and when it comes to pairing with the smorgasbord of food at the Thanksgiving table… THIS is the one! Uva de Vida is a biodynamic vineyard located just south of Madrid whose wines are handcrafted by a female vintner who plays music to her grapes as they are growing and when aging in bottle or barrel.  She believes subtle energy can change the quality of the wine just as music can set the mood for an enchanting meal.  Ancestral Rosado is 100% Tempranillo grapes which only spent a few hours on their skins before a gentle pressing, then aged in the bottle to generate a delicate bubble.  This light skin contact gives the perfect amount of grip and texture to the final wine, yet it remains remarkably fresh, juicy, and lively. Aromatic fruits and spices accompanied by soft and scrumptious bubbles are bound to light up your table.  One bottle will surely not be enough! Click HERE for more info.


Neighborhood: Brickell
Address: 87 SW 8th St
Recommended by: Franco Stanzione (owner of Stanzione 87 and Ash Pizza Parlor).

Wine: Clos Lenticus Petillant Naturel Gentlemant Sumoll
This producer and more importantly this variety has been on my radar since raw wine. It was one of my favorite wines from the event and I am very proud to carry it. I was able to meet the winemaker and hear about the work that goes into making this bottle I really respect the dedication they have to their craft. In terms of the wine, it’s Sumoll grape which is native to Catalonia and almost extinct, the bubbles are delicious the wine has notes of apricot and light floral notes. This is what I would like to drink at a holiday party. Click HERE for more info.

Wine: Cantina Indigeno Calanchi Rosato
This wine is currently on heavy rotation in my house. It’s simply easy drinking. This is a dark Rose made with Montepulciano grapes in Abruzzo. I believe this vineyard is run by three friends specializing in natural wine they have been making some really exciting snd delicious wines. This wine is perfect for Miami. I would drink this with dinner after a day at the beach it’s unassuming yet has some complex flavor and with every sip, the wine seems to evolve. Chill it a bit and crack one open it’s a crowd-pleaser. Click HERE for more info.

Wine: Cantina Marilina Sikele Nero d’ Avola
This Nero D’Avola debuted on our wine list a few years back quickly sold out and has been difficult to get back to until recently. I usually try never to bring a wine back and force myself to constantly evolve our list. I try to put out 4 natural wine menus a year almost like a rotating tap in a bar. The idea is to always be featuring new wines allowing customers to be introduced to new items. However, this wine made it back and I would like it to be a mainstay here at Stanzione 87. This southern Italian red comes from Sicily one of our favorite winemaking regions. This wine is produced by the Paterno family who took much inspiration from one of the most renowned winemakers in Sicily Frank Cornelisson they use very minimal intervention and respect the land which helps produce this magic wine. I recommend this wine for dinner it pairs wonderfully with an array of foods it’s very earthy but still has some brightness and enough acid to help those non-wine drinkers enjoy themselves. This wine is a winner. Click HERE for more info.

All of these wines can be found at Stanzione 87 either online or in person. The three wines I chose are meant to be sequential. I believe you start the night with the Gentlmant move onto the Indigeno and have dinner with the Nero d’Avola and maybe finish the night with some more bubbles if your feeling festive. All of these wines are natural. Minimal intervention = maximum happiness.


Neighborhood: MiMo
Address: 6910 Biscayne Blvd
Recommended by: Matteson Koche (owner of El Bagel).

Wine: 2019 Swick Palhete
We sell this at the shop because you can drink it at 7 am and it honestly doesn’t feel wrong. 7 pm is fine too. Click HERE for more info.


Neighborhood: Fort Lauderdale
Address: 410 N Andrews Ave

Wine: 2018 Sébastien Besson Juliénas
Recommended by: Alchemy of the Spirit (distributor of low intervention wines and craft spirits in the state of Florida). There is a reason why November is Beaujolais season, and when you drink this Juliénas Cru, an area within Beaujolais, you will see why. PERFECT for the cornucopia of foods that present themselves at Thanksgiving dinner, this bright and crunchy Gamay grape brings velvety floral notes, bright red cherries, crusts of a blueberry pie, orange zest, clove spice, and everything nice. Like all natural wines, it is a living being and when you open the bottle exposing it to oxygen, it comes to life.  Over the course of a meal, it will change, evolve and become so beautiful and mysterious that the conversation will revolve around it.  Simply put… Turkey + Julienas = Happiness. Click HERE for more info.

Wine: 2019 Meinklang Prosa Pinot Noir (Sparkling)
Recommended by: Arash Selects (Natural Wine Florida Importer & Distributor). Because we gotta start somewhere, and then carry on. You might as well put this playful Austrian bubbly amongst your decorations, with that color so red and bright and inviting, and surely you’ll just have to buy more to replace that hole you keep making in your setup. Or just make a twelve-pack the decoration. Till it’s 11. Then 10. Then 9 . . .Click HERE for more info.


Neighborhood: Coral Gables
Address: 124 Miracle Mile
Recommended by: Arash Selects (Natural Wine Florida Importer & Distributor).

Wine: Champagne Bonnet-Ponson Cuvée Perpétuelle NV Pinot Noir, Pinot Meunier, Chardonnay
Because we fancy and fancy can be within reach. Organically-farmed grapes in a region known for doing far from that. Real, natural grower Extra Brut Champagne with golden bubbles, and on-point crispness, all class. It’ll put a sparkle in your eye and leave you with enough to finish your holiday shopping. Click HERE for more info.


Neighborhood: Miami Beach
Address: 1 Ocean Drive
Recommended by: GrapeCrush (Natural Wine Social Club and Events).

Wine: 2019 Four Skins Vol 2 by L’Entremettesuse
The holidays need skin contact. While this holiday season may prove more difficult for family gatherings, skin contact wine has us covered. We’ve picked Four Skins Vol 2 by L’Entremettesuse ‘19 from Valle de Colchagua, Chile. This is a blend of Marsanne, Roussanne, Viognier, and Semillon, all indigenous French varietals are grown in Chile. It spends two months on the skins before finishing off in used oak barrels. Its bouquet is full of orange blossom, apricot, and anise. Meanwhile, the body has a medium mouthfeel with honeycomb coming through. The tannins and acidity are nicely balanced making it the perfect orange wine for any holiday setting. Click HERE for more info.


Neighborhood: Downtown
Address: 1035 N Miami Ave
Recommended by: GrapeCrush (Natural Wine Social Club and Events).

Wine: 2017 Occhipinti “Il Frapatto”
One of our favorite female winemakers must be present at the holiday table. Occhipinti “Il Frapatto” ’17 is made by Arianna Occhipinti who is a rising star in southeastern Sicily. This is a 100% Frappato wine farmed all organically and biodynamically. This bottle captures the local briny sea air and smoky minerality. It is pretty and sensual with wild strawberries, intoxicatingly warm spices, and savory herbs. Mellow tannins and bright acidity make this wine almost too easy to drink. Click HERE for more info.