A Cuban diner dream come true by Michael Beltran


Location:Coconut Grove

Address:3444 Main Hwy Suite 21, Miami, FL 33133

Meal Type
Breakfast, Dinner, Lunch


Cool, calm, and collected


BY: Diana Rodriguez
Here’s a place for the modern-day Cuban-American to dine like they’re back in Abuela’s kitchen. Except this ain’t no grandma, and the menu is LIT.

What to wear: Smart casual as they say

What to expect: As you walk in you’ll immediately notice the large diner-style counter. Then to your right, you’ll see some tables for you and a couple of friends. Peek behind the counter and you’ll catch some cereal boxes standing proud alongside Counter Culture coffee bags and large cans of condensed milk. Talk about old world meets new.

The Menu: This is an all-day menu so expect breakfast anytime. And let’s talk about their “handhelds” which is what they call their sandwiches. More on that later. They don’t forget about the little people so some salads are also on the menu. Mosey on down and you’ll spot a highlight of Abuela’s plates like mojo roasted pork and fried fish.

What to order:

Duck Media Noche: Here’s where things get wild. Beltran adds duck to his media noche, so of course that’s what we order. To start. Duck confit, orange mustard, honey ham, Swiss cheese, and pickles. Make sure to ask for their special hot sauce on the side.

Pastelitos: They’re a classic and you wouldn’t be a true Miamian if you didn’t try their pastelitos. And guava is the way to do that.

Off the menu: Remember that hot sauce? Oh, and make sure you order your Cortadito with evaporated milk. Wink wink.

How to score a table: Just show up guys. No need to get fancy with reservations.


Photos by: CHUG’S