Hungry Posted: Isabelle’s Grill Room & Garden

Classy AF with a topping of everything bagel seasoning

Hungry Posted: Isabelle’s Grill Room & Garden

Location:Coconut Grove

Address:3300 SW 27th Ave, Miami, FL 33133, USA

Meal Type
Dinner, Lunch


By: Diana Rodriguez

Classy AF with a topping of everything bagel seasoning. Isabelle’s Grill Room & Garden is making its way up our list of favorite weekday dining locations.

What to expect: Isabelle’s garden-esque vibes are definitely worth mention. Outdoors you’ll find large planters, comfy couches and ample seating for you and company. Soft cushions are at your service. We dined outside, but move indoors if you’re looking for an elegant space to admire.

The Menu:
Cuban-bred Executive Chef Abel Veulens brings forth classic American dishes mixed in with surprising combinations and steak is involved. Oh and we’re happy to report their pappardelle is finger-licking good.

What to order: We are down for family style, but these servings are fit for a king. So we recommend a couple of appetizers and diving into the main course. Because you know dessert will be massive, too!

Salmon Tartare: Topped with a thin slice “bagel” crisp, this has the makings of my go-to breakfast. Smoked mascarpone and everything bagel seasoning blend with the salmon, onions, and capers all in one bite.

Lobster Pappardelle: We told you this was coming. This house made pasta has the basics checked off: garlic, EVOO, spinach and cherry tomatoes. Chef was kind enough to split the dish between two to share. But, on a second thought… too good to share!

Kurobuta Pork Chop: It’s like a leaning tower of pork chop on the plate. This large portion is more than enough for one person. It is served alongside herbed-crushed potatoes, roasted peppers, and broccolini. You’ll want to lick the meat off the bone.

Off the menu: Technically, the butter served with your roll is not on the menu. But, oh boy! That Maldon salt on the butter was mind-blowing.

How to score a table: Easy. Reserve online if you’re in a time crunch or call ahead.