Hungry Posted: Juanchi's Burger

Where to eat The Hungry Post Burger


Location:Coral Way

Address:1247 Coral Way, Miami, FL 33145

Meal Type
Brunch, Dinner, Lunch



What to expect: Once you walk into Juanchis, you will feel a cool laid back vibe with an outdoor picnic table area that says “rumbita caserita”. This spot is for that friend that loves a good burger with a side Venezuelan or for Domingo de hangover.

The Menu: The menu covers burgers, Venezuelan fare, sandwiches (like their pepitos and chicken
sandwich), salads, a quinoa bowl, a kids menu, beers on tap, tasty sides, coffees, and desserts. They also have a separate menu for brunch, which includes pancakes and french toast not leaving out their burgers.

What to order:
THE HUNGRY POST BURGER: We have teamed up with Juanchis to bring you a limited edition burger, with some of our favorite ingredients in one dish. It is a Black brioche bun (yup, that’s a black burger) with JSB beef patty, bacon, pepper jack cheese, American cheese, crispy onions and more pepper jack cheese drizzled with their relish mayo. Yes, we’re extra! The Hungry Post burger is set to hit the menu on May 17th with a friends and fam event, so stay tuned!

Tequeños: A no-brainer, 5 tequeños to an order with their secret green sauce. You might want to get more than one order of these, cause who likes to share their tequeños, seriously.

The Caribe burger: JSB (Juanchis Burger- their proprietary blend) patty, grilled white cheese, avocado, plátano drizzled with their signature honey ginger tarragon sauce. Their sauces are as legit as a sauce can be! If you’re a fan of getting saucy, make sure to mix a few on your dish and try them with your fries. PS- if you want to switch it up, order the Toston Burger.

The Steak Pepito: Tender bread with caramelized onions, steak and fosforito fries + their
signature sauces. If you aren’t in the mood for burgers….get a pepito!

Oreo Extravaganza: Milkshake galore, think cookies and cream+ oreos, oreos, and more oreos. Not for
the faint of heart.

Caramel and Cookie cake: Melt in your mouth dulce de leche and cookie cake, if you like a bit of
sweet to end your meal, this is it.

How to score a table:Walk-on in to score a table in the restaurant or in their outdoor patio.