American meets Latin and then turns healthy


Address:10437 NW 41st St, Doral, FL 33178

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Breakfast, Dinner, Lunch

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Photo by: Michi’s
By: Diana Rodriguez
Summer body is a year-round thing in Miami. And we’re glad Michi’s keeps our waistline under control when those arepa cravings kick in.

What to expect: Around lunchtime you can expect several delivery dudes and dudettes coming through the door. Takeaway is common, too. You just sit and relax at a booth with a detox tea in hand.

The Menu: American meets Latin and then turns healthy. That’s the short story. The long story you’ll find on the menu with options from quinoa arepas to protein pancakes for breakfast, whole wheat pizza for lunch, and even lean ground beef in Michi’s favorite pasta. Tequeños also got healthified on this menu.

By: Michi’s

What to order: We are not counting calories here, so we ordered a three-course lunch (basically). Add to that a refreshing dragon fruit lemonade that will leave you questioning how many lemons they squeezed to get the flavor just right.

Avocado Hummus: Served with thinly sliced celery, carrot sticks and plantain chips. This was a good portion for two people—who also ordered arepas and cake. The hummus is blended with creamy avocado and then topped with walnuts. Healthy sources of fat, or so we are told.

Afortunada: This crispy arepa is made from quinoa, oatmeal, and corn flour. Inside it is stuffed with sweet plantains, avocado and goat cheese. Oh, and a fried egg is necessary. For the protein, of course. 


Nutella Tart: Desserts like this will make you a believer. Soft in the middle and a bit more crunchy on the edges. Not to mention the Nutella layered in. And well, since Nutella is made from hazelnuts, and hazelnuts grow on trees… Okay, you know the rest.

Off the menu: Michi’s has a seasonal menu you should ask for when you visit.

How to score a table: Step 1: walk through the door.