Hungry Posted: My Juice Roots Bar & Kitchen

Plant-based food that will make that body feel fresh

Hungry Posted: My Juice Roots Bar & Kitchen


Address:4237 NW 107th Ave #26, Doral, FL 33178

Meal Type
Breakfast, Lunch



By: Diana Rodriguez

What to expect: A young staff greets you from behind the counter. Then you’ll notice a beautiful white couch to your right as you walk in. This vibrant spot lets a lot of light in, so get your cameras ready. At every table, you will also find a display of books on healthy eating.

The Menu: They serve more than smoothie bowls here, that’s for sure. Their warm Lentil Bowl is just one of many plant-based options that comfort the soul. Look out for the vegan bolognese. Cold-pressed juices and a creamy cashew milk are also great options here. On the right side of the menu, you will find loads of smoothie creations, too.

What to order: A Fajita or Quinoa Bowl can hold you down between meetings. We recommend the Frijoles Bowl with a Supreme Empanada on the side. If you’re on the go, then the Elevation Smoothie is an easy choice.

Frijoles Bowl: Warm and hearty, this one is best enjoyed on the spot. Even though you are getting lots of greens here with the asparagus and avocado, it is fully loaded with carbs to recover from that gym sesh.

Dragon Bowl: If you enjoy creamy smoothie bowls with a little crunch, then this is for you. There is even crunchy granola at the bottom of the bowl so you’re never left wanting more. Agave is drizzled on top to make this a sweet dish in your day.

Off the menu: Empanadas and arepas are pretty unique to this location. Why not get both?

How to score a table: Just walk in and order at the counter.