The new menu at The Spillover is so good, we could cry.

Location:Coconut Grove

Address:2911 Grand Ave #400d, Coconut Grove, FL 33133

Meal Type
Dinner, Lunch



The Spillover captivates Miami pride and is serving the best prawn toast of our lives.

Miami is truly a unique, quirky city full of creatives that exude Miami pride. If you’ve been to The Spillover then you know what we’re talking about. If you haven’t, you will after you read below.


We loved The Spillover when it opened and we love it, even more, today. It has a new menu and recently renovated back area where you can wait for your table while sipping on a cocktail. Of course the mastermind behind all the thoughtful, quirky details is Matt Kuscher and someday we’d like to visit his brain and see what else he’s brewing.

But just so you understand, the back area of The Spillover looks like a scene from The Golden Girls with a special guest appearance by Trick Daddy and Rick Ross. How is this possible? Well the furniture is definitely Golden Girls. All that’s missing is the protective plastic over the floral-printed sofas. Inside a glass case of what we’ll call, Matt Kushner’s memorabilia, you’ll find a green Flanny’s cup, a Trick Daddy bobblehead, The Don Bailey Story, a miniature Caja China, and a Rick Ross luxury shampoo or “champo” called “RICH”, cause why the fuck not. There’s more but just so you get an idea of what Miami Pride TRULY looks like.

The corridor continues on with more love for our city with “ I AM MDC”  bumper stickers taking over a wall leading towards the back of house. On the opposite side you’ll find The Spillover’s Miami Hall of Fame which was inaugurated with a cartoon drawing of Uncle Luke, and soon to follow (if aren’t already there) legendary Billy Corben.

It’s all just very familiar and you honestly can’t help but laugh and feel good.


The Spillover is playful, dog-friendly–we’d come here with friends, co-workers, a super chill boyfriend/girlfriend/husband/wife. And by chill we mean, come as you are. Sneakers are totally cool or if you’re in your work suit that works too.


The Spillover is committed to bringing you the best local seafood and that they do. They’ve enlisted Chef Juan Borjas to run their kitchen and let’s just say we wish he could be our own personal chef.

The menu has lots of sections so brace yourself cause you have decisions to make. They have a raw bar, an appetizer section that they refer to as “small”, “medium” which has their salads and a couple of other seafood items. Bread means bread so basically your fish sandwiches and more, “large” are your big kid dishes and tacos.

At the Spillover, they’re also serving cider, meads, and cocktails that come in flamingo koozies.

Oh and bring your pups cause there’s a dog menu!


Although the menu is seafood-focused, vegetarians and vegans can also enjoy dishes from the Spillover such as the Sun’s Out, Bun’s Out with crispy portobello, peppers, and peanut dressing. For the rest of you, it’s a non-stop seafood fest and you’ll be ordering for the table in order to make the most of your meal and try a little bit of everything.

First on our list is the Prawn Toast. We wouldn’t share this one with anyone because it is by far our favorite. Prawns come on a sourdough toast with a delicious chipotle lemon butter poured all over.

So many restaurants have mastered the meatball but what about Fish Meatballs? Fish is either yellowtail or swordfish depending on what they have available. Make sure you dip every bite into that lemongrass coconut broth and catch the ricotta on top!

Other new dishes that you must order include the Hamachi Crudo Ponzu with corn and charred jalapeño. The citrus flavors with the corn puree will ease you into the meal. If you’re eyeing the taco section of the menu we recommend you try the Baja Fish Tacos with beer-battered Mahi, red cabbage slaw and chipotle crema.

This one isn’t new but always leave room for Baby’s Guava Bread Pudding which is a family recipe from Matt’s Puerto Rican mom that comes with three kinds of milk, roasted pecans, homemade whipped cream, chopped toffee, and caramel sauce.


This is actually unrelated to the menu but make sure you visit the bathrooms at The Spillover. Bring your phone cause you’ll want to do a photoshoot with Don Francisco.


For reservations book here!

The Spillover also has happy hour from Monday – Wednesday, Friday 5 PM – 7 PM, Weekend Happy Hour (cocktails only) Saturday and Sunday 3 PM – 5 PM  and Tacos + Tequila Happy Hour (Thursday 5 PM – 8 PM).