Hungry Posted: Maska

New Indian Restaurant in Miami

Michelin-starred Chef


Address:3252 NE 1st Ave, Suite 109, Miami

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Miami’s food scene reaches a new level with America’s first Michelin-starred Indian chef

By: Sarah Dunn

What to expect: Get ready for a sanctuary of sophistication tucked into the shops at Midtown. This modern space is accented with vivid murals, plush upholstery, and a trellised ceiling. Hospitality is the theme at Maska, where a large and eager staff welcome patrons and a traditional clay oven is the centerpiece. Maska is the first restaurant in Miami from Chef Hemant Mathur, the first Indian chef in the U.S. to be awarded a Michelin Star. He has curated an experience that shouldn’t be missed!

The Menu: The menu is a combination of progressive and traditional Indian cuisine with local inspiration from Miami. The “Small Plates” range from dosa duck tacos to octopus masala, with some classics such as beef roti. The hallmark of Maska’s menu is the “From the Tandoor/Clay Oven” section, with a variety of meats, fish, and stuffed breads, which are filled with everything ranging from onion and cheese to chicken tikka. “The Large Plates” feature signature dishes such as butter chicken and curries. Maska also has a chutney tasting, with three different flavors!

What to order: From the Small Plates, you must try the Lasooni Gobi, one of Chef Hemant’s specialties. An insider told us that this dish helped Chef earn one of his Michelin stars! This appetizer features crispy cauliflower with an irresistible garlic sauce, garnished with scallions.

Another favorite Small Plate is the Chicken Korma Hot Pot with tender farm-raised chicken swimming in a zesty garam masala sauce, served on a base of basmati rice. We must confess that we ordered a second helping!

Of the Large Plates, we recommend the Grilled Scallops, a delightful combination of traditional Indian spices and local Miami flair. The scallops are marinated in turmeric and served atop a puree of butternut squash and Rasam. We loved how the spice of the Rasam and turmeric complemented the sweetness of the butternut squash.

How to score a table: Maska opened its doors on January 30th after much anticipation, and everyone is excited! We definitely recommend making a reservation.