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Latest Miami Restaurant News During COVID-19 - January 2021


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The latest restaurant & bar updates in Miami

Updated January 12, 2021

Breaking at Breakfast is a weekly round-up of the latest Miami restaurant & bar updates. We haven’t necessarily been to all of these spots. However, they’re on our list and that’s where we’d be eating and drinking if we were you. We’ll let you know more if we end up loving them.

Stay safe, be respectful when dining out, tip well & wear your mask.

These two restaurants combine to bring you duck 2 ways & Paella Sunday

Updated January 12, 2021
Restaurant: NIU Kitchen x Arson
Neighborhood: Downtown
Address: 104 NE 2nd Ave

Sister restaurants, Arson and NIU Kitchen have become one (for now). The walk from NIU Kitchen is easy enough, on the same block and just a couple of doors down. Arson has re-opened for dinner bringing along the flavors of NIU Kitchen. On the menu, you will find a charcuterie section offering queso Mahon, 5 Jota Paleta Iberica (salt-cured pork shoulder) and more. We’d start with the Pa Amb Tomàquet (with grated tomato, garlic oil on toasted bread), the Anchovies (cured in salt for three years), the Cold Tomato Soup with mustard ice cream, and the Artichokes with parmesan shavings. The first time back, we’d order the Charbroiled Duck 2 Ways (also smoked) with apple and honey mustard bread. If duck isn’t your thing, go for the paella style rice (Arros Sec) with mushrooms, botifarra sausage and aioli.

On the menu, they also have a dish titled “Round of Beers for the Kitchen Staff”. We’re getting that. For $5 you can say thanks to all the talented and hard-working cooks that make up the NIU and Arson team. To make a reservation click HERE.

OH and also, from January 17th until February 7th, they will be hosting “Bomba Paella Society Miami” every Sunday. The NIU and Arson team are feeling nostalgic about Sundays in Spain and will be hosting a traditional Spanish lunch. The menu is centered around Paella and we really want to try the Paella Valenciana with saffron, escargot, braised chicken, white beans; the Arroz Negro with squid ink, calamari, green peas, aioli; and the Kimchi Paella with housemade Kimichi, poached egg, and fresh scallions.

Miami’s new taco spot now has happy hour

Updated January 12, 2021
Restaurant: Taqueria Hoja
Neighborhood: Downtown
Address: 19 SE 2nd Ave Suite #4


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Taqueria Hoja by Elad Zvi and Gabe Orta, creators of the Broken Shaker have brought on Chef Alex Chang to open up the newest taco spot located in the heart of downtown Miami. Taqueria Hoja located inside of the Ingraham Building is serving up tacos made with indigenous heirloom corn tortillas. Enjoy their new happy hour specials every day from 4-6 pm. These deals include $3 beer, $7 wine, $7 cocktails, 2 tacos for $6, and $7 burritos. 

We’re going to Española Way for this restaurant

Updated January 12, 2021
Restaurant: Benh Mi
Neighborhood: Miami Beach
Address:  1436 Washington Ave


Throughout the pandemic, Chef Benjamin Murray created Benh Mi, an underground Vietnamese pop-up from his apartment. Back in July, we were able to score some of his Bánh Mi sandwiches that would sell out days in advance through Instagram. With the help of Michael Kaplan, Ben’s friend from culinary school and now NYC-based chef and restaurant owner. The two friends came together to transform the original Benh Mi concept into a brick and mortar location opening Feburary 2021 in Miami Beach.

Benh Mi will feature his Bánh Mi sandwiches, Asian-inspired salads and snacks. They will offer Vietnamese coffee and tea program with baked goods selection in partnership with Helen Kim’s Oori Bakeshop. Benh Mi will be open for breakfast, lunch, dinner, and late-night dining.

Menu highlights include savory Benh Mi Sandwiches in various protein styles from Lemongrass Meatball to Herb and Roasted Pork and more; and Extra Crunchy Spicy Chicken Tenders with Yuzu Kosho Ranch (a tart fermented paste made with the citrus fruit of yuzu and chiles), Roasted Banana Ketchup or Tamarind BBQ dipping sauces. Lighter items include the refreshing Vegetable Spring Roll with lettuce, herbs, Waterfall Beef Salad with skirt steak, Nuoc Cham (a staple in Vietamese cooking made with water, sugar, lime juice, and fish sauce), spices, and raw veggies, and toasted rice powder; and a light Green Papaya Salad with mangos, green beans and toasted peanuts. Ben: bring back that umami mayo!

Delicious sticky rice & bao buns with a twist 

Updated January 12, 2021
Restaurant: Minty Z
Neighborhood: Coconut Grove
Address: 3206 Grand Avenue

There’s a new Asian and Dim Sum restaurant in Coconut Grove and you need to try it. We ordered for delivery the other day and loved the bao buns and sticky rice. The sticky rice with BBQ jackfruit was wrapped in lotus leaves. The Classic Signature Steamed Buns were made with prosperity beef filling (which is their homemade plant-based imitation beef) and a coconut yogurt sauce for dipping. So yes, SURPRISE! The menu is fully plant-based. Meat eaters don’t knock it til you try it. Minty Z has some seriously good flavors. Next time we go, we’ll be trying General Tso’S Brussels, Pineapple Fried Rice, Vegan Shrimp Shumai, the Sesame Seitan “Wings” and the Smashed Cucumber Salad. Let us know what you think if you beat us to it.

This Miami Chef opens a restaurant inside a new brewery 

Updated January 5, 2021
Brewery: Cervecería La Tropical
Neighborhood: Wynwood
Address: 42 NE 25th Street

PHOTO BY Cervecería La Tropical

One of Cuba’s oldest breweries’, Cervecería La Tropical will be opening in Wynwood this month. La tropical will be home to a state-of-the-art onsite brewing operation, taproom, restaurant and botanical garden. The taproom will offer handcrafted beers including lagers, sours, barrel-aged, ales infused with local ingredients and the brand’s flagship La Original Ambar Lager, whose recipe dates back to 1888. The space will also house a Latin Caribbean-inspired restaurant by Miami Chef Cindy Hutson.

This ice cream shop is opening in Miami

Updated January 5, 2021
Restaurant: Salt & Straw
Neighborhood: Wynwood
Address: 240 NW 25th St. Suite M


Salt & Straw, a Portland-based ice cream company, is opening the first East Coast scoop shops this January and February. The small-batch ice cream brand will open shops in Wynwood and Coconut Grove. Taking inspiration from Miami, Salt & Straw’s Co-founder and Head Ice Cream Maker, Tyler Malek, will create a locally sourced menu that reflects the flavors of Miami by using local ingredients. The scoop shops will feature Salt & Straw’s all-time, cult classics and seasonal ice creams, with new flavors rotating monthly, that tell the story of Miami chefs and artisans. We tried the Arbequina Olive Oil flavor in California and couldn’t get enough of it.

A fancy bento box of nigiri & more for delivery

Updated January 5, 2021
Restaurant: Osaka
Neighborhood: Brickell
Address: 1300 Brickell Bay Dr


Looking for some sushi to order to your casa? Try Osaka’s Bento Box for lunch. The Bento Box is available from Tuesday to Friday, 1 PM to 3 PM and on Sunday’s from 1 PM to 3 PM. Osaka’s Bento Box features fresh nigiris, makimonos and your choice of sashimi or ceviche – made for two. Orders must be placed 2 hours in advance by phone at 786-627-4800  as quantities are limited.

Andean & Latin flavors in a new Wynwood restaurant

Updated January 5, 2021
Restaurant: Wayku
Neighborhood: Wynwood
Address: 73 NW 26th Street


Set to open in January 2021 in Wynwood, Wayku is a gastronomic experience of Latin fusion rooted in Andean culture and nomadic-inspired cuisine by Chef Matteo Gritti. Wayku aims to provide a conscious diet with a fresh and innovative twist, along with the best techniques and ingredients. The menu includes the Phantom Ceviche with vegetable pickles and seasonal gazpacho “De Tigre”, which is served on dry ice. Other dishes include Ode to Carrots with caramelized carrots, carrot hummus, carrot greens and chimichurri (Chef Matteo will create an Ode to different vegetables throughout the year); and the Red Arancini stuffed ghost cheese and herbed aioli. The main courses include a Bone-in Short Rib on mashed peas with beet sprouts and wasabi; and the Kanka Cauliflower with mango and curry sauce, beans, orange and greens. The concept is out there and not something you see every day in Miami. We’re definitely looking forward to trying it and reporting back.