Hungry Posted: Lost Boy

New bar in Downtown Miami



Address:157 East Flagler Street Miami, FL, 33131

Meal Type


There’s a new bar in Downtown Miami and you need to have a Martini, or two. 

Location: Downtown
Address: 157 East Flagler Street Miami, FL, 33131
Meal type: Drinks, beer, and sandwiches
Ambiance: Vintage American
What to wear: Denim, denim jacket, denim shorts with a cotton white tee

What to expect: A transformed denim boutique is now the home of martinis and beers on tap served in imperial pint glasses. Enter Lost Boy if you want to kick back and enjoy classic drinks in this two-story bar. The theme of the bar is no theme, however, the bar gives off a Southwestern vibe reminiscing of an English pub. Interesting combo, right? If you’re into board games such as Clue and Monopoly(our personal favorite) they’ve got them. If you get hungry they have a limited menu of sandwiches that include an Italian and a Bánh Mí with soppressata and pate. Prices are very reasonable which is refreshing in Miami. Happy Hour is available from 4pm – 8pm. See you there!