What we ate this week in Miami

Our favorite restaurants in August 2021


Updated August 19, 2021


If you keep up with our weekly round-up of Breaking at Breakfast, then you know that we haven’t necessarily been to all of those spots. However, they’re on our radar and that’s where we’d be eating and drinking if we were you. We told you we’d let you know more if we end up loving them. So here we are!

What We Ate This Week will cover everything that’s new, newish, or that we’ve recently tried.


Address: 347 NW 24th St
Neighborhood: Wynwood
By: Andrea Becerra

It’s safe to say that we’ve had the best octopus in Miami this week and now it’s your turn to try it. Doya, located in Wynwood is a new restaurant serving Aegean cuisine. Think herbs, refreshing dishes with lots of olive oil, and dips galore from the Aegean Coast of Turkey. 

At Doya, there’s something in the air, the hospitality is top-notch and you don’t feel like you are in Miami (and we mean that as a compliment). So if you’re looking for a restaurant where you can escape and pretend you’re elsewhere. Doya is the spot. 

The open restaurant is spacious and has one of the most incredible bars we’ve been to in a while. They also have an open kitchen where you can see all the action including lavash bread being baked in the woodfire oven. You can also grab a seat at the kitchen counter and if you ask us, that’s the best seat in the house.

When dining at Doy we felt extremely lucky. It’s rare to find such amazing food, priced so well, and a sense of being home. It’s great for group dining as well as a date spot. Everything is mezze styled and meant to be shared. 

You’ve got to start with some dips. Our favorites include the Muhammara, a roasted pepper dip with pomegranate, walnuts, and garlic breadcrumbs; Roasted Eggplant with peppers, garlic, labneh, parsley, and lemon; and the Cretan Feta with peppers, kalamata olive oil, garlic, pistachios, and walnuts. 

You can’t leave without trying the Manti, beef dumplings, drenched in a garlic yogurt sauce. As well as the Adana Kebab with chopped spiced lamb served on lavash bread and a side of onions and parsley. You’ll need to put all the elements together for the perfect bite using the lavash bread to scoop it all together. We recommend you also get the Haydari garlic-based yogurt dip with burnt butter and mint to top of your kebab. 

Leave room for dessert and if you love ice cream try a scoop of the goat cheese and strawberry, tahini and/or thyme. Consider it your palate cleanser for the evening. We promise you’ll be back. 


Address: 1350 S Dixie Hwy
Neighborhood: Coral Gables
By: Andrea Becerra

Looking for a lunch spot in Coral Gables that is mom and chisme– friendly? Head over to Mamey, Chef Niven Patel’s island restaurant drawing inspiration from trips he’s taken to Asia, Polynesia, and the Caribbean. The menu is refreshing, exotic and Chef Niven’s spiced-forward dishes incorporate locally sourced ingredients from his two-acre farm in Homestead.  

Para picar or to munch on, we recommend the Yellowfin Tuna Tostones with a tomato sofrito that screams LATIN, mixed with chopped tuna, scallions, and a piquillo pepper aioli. The Mushroom Summer Roll is a dream come true for those that are suckers for pickled vegetables. It comes with avocado, peanuts, and a ponzu sauce for dipping. You can’t leave Mamey without an order of the Ghee Roasted Plantains. A family snack originating from India and commonly found in street carts. It’s sweet, tangy, and crunchy, representing a well-balanced dish. It’s served with tamarind yogurt, coconut, cilantro, crispy chickpea, and tomatoes–bringing that acid game that we so love and appreciate. 

Conveniently located in front of the University of Miami, Mamey is offering Canes’ students and faculty a $25 two-course express lunch, available daily from 11:30 AM-3 PM. Oh and if you’re not affiliated with UM, you can still reap the benefits of their 2-course lunch menu for $30. For more information click HERE.


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Wynwood Brewing Company

Address:565 NW 24th S
Neighborhood: Wynwood
By: Alexa Sklavounos

If you are a beer drinker, you’ve probably been to Wynwood Brewery Co., one of the forerunners that made craft beer what it is today in Miami.

You can wear WHATEVER you want. Wynwood Brewing is a judgment-free zone. Dress up for a casual date or dress down in sweatpants after a long day of work. No one will bat an eye, and you’ll have a great time either way.

The menu is separated into three sections: Core, Seasonal, and “Extra Stuff!”. Their Core menu is made up of year-round brews. Their seasonal menu changes with funkier flavors. They’ve even got something for the not-into-beer-but-still-found-themselves-at-a-brewery folks! In the “Extra Stuff” section, they have wines, kombucha, ciders and cream sodas.

Our inarguable suggestion is to opt-in for their $12 flight… or two. For the first flight, get La Rubia (ABV 5%), Pop’s Porter (ABV 6.2%), Laces (ABV 6.9%) and Father Francisco (ABV 9.3% – Caution: No Chugging!). If you make it to the second flight — test this out by standing up, we learned this tip from Pops himself — choose Blackberry Father (ABV 9.3%), Peach Emoji (ABV 5.6%), Pop’s Porter NITRO (ABV 6.2%), La Granada (ABV 4.5%) and Laced Up (ABV 10%).

If you’re in for a pick-up-and-go mood, Wynwood Brewing Co. does sell beer to-go and in various vessels like cans, bottles, growlers, and kegs! Fore more info click HERE.


Address: 12831 W Dixie Hwy
Neighborhood: North Miami
By: Andrea Becerra

Hello, intellectuals out there! We’ve found your dream bookstore and it comes with a natural wine bar, yummy baked goods, and more. Located in North Miami, Paradis is a great spot to post up and work remotely, especially when you’re sick of seeing the same four walls of your apartment.

A change of scenery would be more than nice and it’s complete with oatmeal date cookies, sourdough bread, crumb cake, and more breakfast items. Stick around for dinner. Grab a bottle from their carefully selected unpretentious wines and munch on the tinned mussels escabeche served with sourdough, seaweed butter, and burnt lemon, a slice of the lamb pizza with tomato, spiced lamb, red onions, cumin labneh, and mint. 

There’s more to be said about this special cafe and wine bar so TBC… and for now click HERE for more info. 

Fratellino Ristorante 

Address: 264 Miracle Mile
Neighborhood: Coral Gables
By: Andrea Becerra

There are neighborhood gems and then there’s Fratellino Ristorante. Located in Coral Gables, this family-run restaurant delivers Italian comfort food but also impeccable and friendly service. The owner Beto is a trip and makes you feel right at home. 

This timeless spot loved by locals has indoor and outdoor seating. We’d stop by Fratellino with the people you love the most. Order the classic carpaccio di Manzo and the eggplant parmigiana (it was special when we went) to start. As far as mains go, we’d go for the pappardelle al porcini and the ossobuco alla Milanesa a recipe by Betto’s father. 


Address: 500 Brickell Key Drive
Neighborhood: Brickell
By: Andrea Becerra

It’s been a minute since we last visited La Mar. Before God forsaken COVID, they use to do a Peruvian buffet brunch. Now they only bring out that the cold and hot stations for special dinner events. We had the chance to experience a Peruvian feast on the Independence Day of Peru and it was honestly one of the best buffets we’ve ever had. 

For sure in another life we were Peruvian so the idea of an all-you-can-eat buffet with causa, ceviche, tiradito, empanadas filled with lomo saltado, and more was a dream. We’re hopeful that they’ll bring back their buffet-style brunch but in the meantime check out La Mar for dinner. Their arroz con mariscos is a must seafood rice dish with shrimp, octopus, calamari prepared on the wok with an aji amarillo sauce. 

Click HERE to book your table.


Address: 1100 NW 23rd St
Neighborhood: Allapattah
By: Andrea Becerra

We’ve got your weekend plan in Miami’s Allapattah neighborhood figured out. Your first stop is Superblue. Here you will experience a transcendent trip filled with large-scale immersive art installations by James Turrell, Es Devlin, Team Lab, and more. A little art always goes well with a little food which is why you’re crossing the street for lunch at the Rubell Museum’s restaurant Leku. 

This Basque-inspired restaurant is not only serving some beautifully presented Northern Spanish dishes but the setting will make you feel like you’re not in Miami anymore. 

The open restaurant is primarily white-toned with velvet green booths. Sit inside or outside in their garden patio. 

You’ll want to start with one of their delicious gin and tonic cocktails. You can pair your choice of macerado (infusion) such as rosemary & Florida citrus or basil & strawberries with the tonic of your liking. 

Our favorite dainty dishes for sharing include the croquetas de ibérico made with 5 jotas ham, the simple and tasty tomato basil cracker, and the grilled country bread with a trio of house-made butters. Off the menu, we’d go for the salt-baked gambas. Think of this dish as an A+ science project. Presented tableside, your waiter pours what looks like water on the uncooked shrimp. Wait a moment and you’ll start seeing a mountain of salt, forming and cooking the gambas. Your waiter will then remove the excess salt to the side of the plate. Chef Mikel Goikolea recommends sucking the shrimp head for maximum flavor and we couldn’t agree more. We’d also order the grilled wild mushroom rice with homemade aioli. 

We’ll be back and next on our list of dishes to try is the jamón Ibérico tartare. Click HERE to book your table.


Address: 851 S Miami Ave
Neighborhood: Brickell
By: Andrea Becerra

After a recent trip to Mexico, we thought we were done with tacos, chilaquiles and everything else you would expect. However, five days after our trip we found ourselves at Ojo de Agua. Located in Brickell, this Mexican chain feels quite the opposite of a chain. The menu focuses on healthy and fresh Mexican dishes. It’s not traditional but it makes you feel less guilty when craving Mexican food.

We’d go here for breakfast and lunch potentially after the gym. Or maybe we skip the gym. The menu is extensive and includes all-day breakfast, smoothies, tacos, ceviches, sandwiches, and more. Our favorites include the Polanco eggs that come sunny-side-up on a parmesan cheese crust with avocado and zaatar seasoning and the grilled fish tacos marinated with chimichurri, homemade mayo, pickled veggies, and avocado.