Where to dine like you're on vacation

Thanks to S.PELLEGRINO®, experience iconic dishes from renowned restaurants abroad in Miami for a limited time only


These restaurants have been recommended by The Hungry Post and are presented by S.PELLEGRINO®:


Back again and better than ever, S.PELLEGRINO® Destination Dining program is taking over Miami during August and September. With limited traveling this year and for those of you who are craving a little slice of paradise right at home, then buckle up and get ready to set off on this first-class flight around Miami.

Starting August 13th through September 10th your favorite local Miami chefs are partnering up with renowned chefs across the globe to give you a piece of their home from the luxury of the dining room of these Miami restaurants.

Participating this year in this epic event are these wonderful chefs; Chef Michelle Bernstein of Cafe La Trova, Chef Nando and Valerie Chang of Itamae, Chef Andrea Marchesin of Toscano Divino and Chef Diego Oka of La Mar. In a dish swap that will leave you wanting to travel after the meal is done, you will have the opportunity to try flavors from some of the best restaurants in Argentina, Brazil, Perú and Panama. So, grab your friends and family and treat yourself to a little staycation this month.


From Argentina to Miami, experience the flavors of Chef Tomas Kalika of Mishiguene
Dish: Kibbeh Naye
Address: 971 SW 8th St
Dates available: August 13th – August 20th
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What you need to know

To bring a little Argentinian flair to Miami, Chef Tomás Kalika of Mishiguene will be giving a taste of his home to our plates. Mishiguene is a beautiful creation in which Chef Tomás Kalika draws flavor and inspiration from traditional Jewish recipes and combines them with contemporary Argentinian flavors. Listed as No.20 on Latin America’s 50 Best Restaurants in 2019 and receiving the Chefs choice award in 2019 as well, you are getting a taste of what Mishiguene calls “immigrant cuisine”. Bringing the past into the present, Chef Tomás has created his version of Kibbeh Naye. A dish capturing the history and culture of Jewish cuisine, but with a Buenos Aires perspective.

James Beard Award-winning Chef Michelle Bernstein has taken her masterful work in creating contemporary Cuban-styled dishes and has created for those visiting Mishiguene and ode to Jewish cuisine, Topinambur Latkes. So make sure to visit either Cafe La Trova or Mishiguene between August 13-20 to try these dishes.


From Panama to Miami, experience the flavors of Chef Mario Castrellon of Maito
Dish: Pulpo al Coco
Address: 140 NE 39th St #136
Dates available: August 20th – August 27th
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What you need to know

So we went to Argentina, now let us take you to Panama. On this journey Chef Nando and Valerie Chang of Itamae are doing a dish swap with none other than Chef Mario Castrellon of Maito. Another 50 Best recognition, Maito received the accolade for Best Restaurant in Panama in 2019.

Chef Mario Castrellon was the first to bring to light Panamanian cuisine with a modern outlook, highlighting flavors running from the Caribbean, Asian, Creole, Afro-Antillean, and Indigenous. And what better place to try a little piece of this cultural explosion than at a hometown favorite located in the Design District. Itamae is a Nikkei-inspired restaurant rooted in Peruvian and Japanese flavors. This James beard nominated Semi-finalist restaurant will have guests try out Chef Mario Castrellon’s Pulpo al Coco, while guests in Maito will get a chance to try Itamae’s Tiradito Rosita. These dishes will only be available during the week of August 20-27th. This is a one-time opportunity to get a little taste of Panama in Miami, so make sure you get yourself a reservation for this culinary treat.


From Perú to Miami, experience the flavors of Chef Renzo Garibaldi of Osso
Dish: Squash gnocchi with smoked pork belly ragout
Address: 900 S Miami Ave Space 185
Dates available: August 27th – September 3rd
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What you need to know

Alright Brickell locals, this one is for you. If you are a Miami OG then you’ve probably been to this Italian spot. But, if you haven’t had a chance to dine here then what better time to get your foot in the door and get to try not only some quality Italian food but a little Peruvian cuisine as well.

Chef Renzo Garibaldi of Osso in Perú and Chef Andrea Marchesin of Toscano Divino are giving a little piece of their culinary skills in these dishes to pay respects to each other cuisine styles. Osso in Lima, Peru is a butcher shop and restaurant combined into one sustainable concept. Having fallen in love with butchery while visiting San Francisco with his wife, Chef Renzo trained, learned and worked to master the art of butchery. Taking that passion back with him to Lima, he then created Osso a restaurant where high praise and respect for the animals is sensed in every dish created and cut. And that passion had landed him with a No.10 spot on Latin America’s 50 Best Restaurants in 2020.

For this year’s dish swap Chef Andrea Marchesin will be featuring his Beef and beet tartare for those to try in Osso, while us locals will be able to try Chef Renzo’s Squash gnocchi with smoked pork belly ragout. Both of these dishes will be available to try during the week of August 27th-September 3rd. So, get a little taste of both Italy and Perú and transport yourself away for an evening.


From Brazil to Miami, experience the flavors of Chef Manoella Buffara of Manu 
Dish: Cauliflower, passion fruit & peanut
Address: 500 Brickell Key Dr
Dates available: September 3rd – September 10th
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What you need to know

For the final stop on this culinary tour, we are taking you to Brazil. Chef Diego Oka of La Mar and Chef Manoella Buffara of Manu are teaming up for an iconic dish exchange. Chef Manoella Buffara of Manu delivers a farm-to-table experience that had landed her as one to watch in 2018 by Latin America’s 50 Best and also landed Manu at No.42 on their Best Restaurant list in 2019. Her goal in her cuisine is to make sure sustainability is at the forefront of her dishes, her team works with 35 small local producers to create an 11-course seasonal tasting menu throughout the year. And a feat like that is no easy task, so it is a true honor to have her presence and involvement in this destination program.

And of course, the coveted La Mar by Gaston Acurio is joining in on this as well. The kitchen is helmed by Executive Chef Diego Oka whose culinary career began with Chef Gaston Acurio.

Both Manu and La Mar are featuring dishes that will make your mouth water at the sound of them. During the final week of S.PELLEGRINO® Destination Dining try Manu’s dish of Cauliflower, Peanut and Passionfruit, while those at Manu can try La Mar’s Tiradito Bachiche. These dishes will only be available from September 3rd-September 10th, so mark your calendars and we will see you there.