Running Diary: Meat N’ Bone

Quality restaurant meat delivered to your casa.


Disclaimer: If you’re a vegan, vegetarian, are easily offended or have the attention span of a goldfish then this isn’t for you. If you love meat, like to laugh, want to know a little more about our team, then continue on.

Last night, Hungry Post co-founder Andrea Becerra hosted some of her staff at her home for a chance to kick back and pretend to like each other.

The good people from Meat n’ Bone (founders Luis, Gabriel, and German) put together an impressive display, preparing all types of cuts for us: flank, Denver, NY strip, filet mignon, even some sausage. The grill-master, Luis, was kind enough to tell me a little bit about the origin of the company and how their operation works.

The story begins in Michigan, at Ferry Farms, where the meat originates.

It is top of the line – USDA certified prime beef, top 7% quality in the US. From Michigan, the beef is consolidated and packaged in Chicago, where it is sold to and served at the top restaurants all over the city. The three amigos devised a plan to have the meat distributed here in Miami as well, opening a warehouse and delivering top Grade A beef all over Miami. And even better… they don’t wholesale to supermarkets like Publix or Whole Foods. They sell it themselves! You know what that means?? It means supermarket prices for meat you get at fancy restaurants in Chicago, that’s what it means. They even hand deliver it to your house, with a nice note. It probably says, “Thanks for your order! Have a nice filet!” OK sorry…

So these guys set up shop at Andrea’s house with about 100 pounds of meat (I’m only slightly exaggerating) and gave us a treat. The most refreshing part of it all is that it’s obvious that they love what they’re doing, they believe in their product, and are passionate. A very heartfelt thank you from me.

Of course, for every ying there’s a yang. I had to drive 45 minutes to Andrea’s house and hang out with her. Luckily there were others involved:

The Attendees:

Brain Trust:
Jose Loor alias Baby
Andrea Becerra
Ale Cangas

Victoria Certain
Ale Diaz

Andrea Ochoa
Jennifer Barrios
Sabrina Pimentel
Diana Rodriguez


So, when Andrea B hosts a red meat cookout at her house only for The Hungry Post staff, and there is 92% humidity outside, naturally I must keep a running diary. Here’s what transpired:

8:05: Running about a half hour late but about 8 minutes away, I get a frantic phone call from Baby “Are you coming? Are you close? Where are you?” Am I going to a BBQ or the dentist?

8:13: Finally arrive and park so that I block about 4 cars from getting out. Knock on the front door but no one answers, so I go around, only to hear Andrea’s mom (Mrs. B) open the door when I’m already out of sight. Off to a great start.

8:14: I make my entrance and say a big “Hello!” to everyone gathered around the table. Only 3 people look up. Maybe 4.

8:16: I’m family friends with Andrea so of course I ask to go inside and say hi to everyone. I enter through the back only to find 16 little Colombian women running around the house. Either they’re reenacting a scene from West Side Story or a scene from the Haunted Mansion in Magic Kingdom with really no in between.

8:20: After I greet the whole family I step back outside and settle in around the table. Luis still hasn’t served the first round of steaks so I’m building quite an appetite. One of the girls is showing the rest of us about these cool features in this new app on their phone. “What app is that?”, I ask. “Instagram,” everyone else deadpans in unison.

8:27: Luis finally brings out the first round of beef: vacio (flank) and chistorras (Spanish sausage). We swarm the plate like a bunch of piranhas.

8:28: Luis asks how we like our steak cooked. After everyone answers with either medium-rare or medium I yell out to Luis “I like mine well done with ketchup” as he shakes his head sadly.

8:30: They brought out some brown mustard for the sausages and someone (I forget who) dips the vacio steak in it to everyone else’s horror. Pretty sure it was Andrea B.

8:31: Conversation briefly shifts to how putting mustard on a sausage is “So American….”. Someone ship these girls out to Milwaukee on the next cargo flight, please.

8:36-8:39: Andrea O talks uninterrupted for 165 seconds.

8:41: Luis brings over the next batch: Denver steak and filet. Denver steak is the best – that part near the ribs. Ridiculously flavorful. Did I mention this is premium beef yet?

8:43: While enjoying my food, Mrs. B brings out some of the best homemade potatoes in the history of mankind (they had some fancy cheese, gruyere or so Andrea B said), followed by her calling me by my family nickname (not very flattering) while Baby nods his head approvingly.

8:46: With some really smooth jazz playing in the background I make the obligatory “Why are we playing soft core porn music in the background” joke and it went as well as you’d might expect.

8:50: A few of us talk about where we went to high school, with Andrea saying she went to Carrolton. I then try to count all the Belen boyfriends she had before I finally run out of appendages.

8:54: Someone talks about how they’re getting their Masters and want to do advertisement, and work anywhere in the country, with all the optimism in the world ….. until Victoria says “Yeah, but there’s no money in that,” as everyone quickly changes the subject to what they did last weekend.

8:59: Luis brings out a THIRD batch! This time it’s NY Strip. Can’t go wrong with that. Andrea B shouts “Me encanta la carne rojita!” as Luis briefly considers putting himself on the grill.

9:02-9:06: Andrea O talks uninterrupted for 221 seconds, this time about face creams, breaking her previous record set 30 minutes ago.

9:08: Conversation turns to Whip n’ Dip, which the girls realize is only 4 minutes away and almost stampede out of the house until Mrs B and I lock the gates.

9:12: Andrea B tells me I have to write about tonight by tomorrow as I fake laugh and say “Of course!” while shoving 3 pieces of NY Strip in my mouth.

9:15: Diana talks her friend Taylor from Nashville, who we joke is probably her secret admirer. She nervously laughs as she cancels the 8 flights she had on hold on the American Airlines app.

9:17: Can’t tell if Andrea B’s feet reach the ground when she is sitting in a chair.

9:18: Yeah, they don’t.

9:21: Mrs B– who all jokes aside is the absolute best – brings out some Key Lime pie. Enough said.

9:25-9:30: Andrea O talks interrupted for 309 seconds (while taking only 2 breaths) about a myriad of topics. She’s breaking more records than Michael Phelps in the 2008 Olympics.

9:33: Food coma. Help.

9:38: Finally muster the energy to stand up and chat with Luis and Gabriel who were so generous with their time and quite frankly patient with the motley crew we put together. They’re going to be at The Mighty in Coral Way on Thursday, May 31st between 5:30pm and 8:00 pm at an event sponsored by Ron Diplomatico. I implore everyone to be there. If you don’t go you don’t like good things. It’s that simple. Just do it. Go. Make a reminder. Set your alarm. I’ll wait…

9:42: Before I leave I ask Mrs. B for a bottle of water. She gives me a 1 liter of Italian sparkling water, clearly making a late push for MVP of the night.

9:45: We congregate outside and say our goodbyes – or rather, I say goodbye to everyone with no response. Whatever. Just wait till I host the next cookout and give everyone the wrong address.

9:47: Get in the car and head home. Great to see everyone, tasty food, and a roller coaster of a night finally comes to an end. Till next time.

– Indiana Jones