Sparkling Wine Guide By Miami Experts

The bubbles you need for a date night


The bubbly wines you need in your life.

We’re not even going to pretend we are experts when it comes to wine. What we do know is who to ask when it comes to wine.

With the help of some of Miami’s distributors, restaurateurs, sommeliers and wine shop owners we’ve put together a list of sparkling wines for a special date night and of course any regular day. Because wine not?! Excuse us for the pun but we had to. Our sparkling wine guide also includes dishes that pair well with these wines in case you’re ordering takeout or cooking at home.

If you’re looking for wine recommendations click HERE.


Neighborhood: Wynwood
Address: 97 NW 25th St, Miami, FL 33127
Recommended by: Arash Selects (Natural Wine Florida Importer & Distributor).

Bubbly: SRC, Rosato Frizzante 
This particular bottle of bubbles was made through an act of love, a plot of land gifted by husband to wife to kick off a life of winemaking together. The rosy fizz spewing forth from this wine made from the juicy mineral grapes of vines growing deep into the lava rock of Mount Etna is no accident of nature. Only sweating passion and long focused effort can give us something so hot in a bottle so frosty, it sizzles. Fab [general manager and owner of Pastificio Propaganda] has only a few left of the last in the entire Peninsula, so go quick, then go slow. Click HERE for more info.


Neighborhood: Design District
Address: 140 NE 39th St #136, Miami, FL 33137
Recommended by: Arash Selects (Natural Wine Florida Importer & Distributor).

Bubbly: Jean-Pierre Robinot L’Ange Vin, Fêtembulles
Enjoy a bottle of sparkling Chenin Blanc, from a man who showed the world what au natural (à poil) [wild, bare] winemaking à la Loire is all about. The ingenious Nikkei cuisine of this restaurant offers more than enough to titillate whatever your tongue and other bits could handle, and this wine can grab onto every bit of it. If you’re bold enough, you’ll let the artist chefs do it their way with a special vegan dish. A world of color, flavor, heat and spice that will have you clamoring for tingly crisp bubbles across your lips and palate. Fall back into your chair and breathe a deep sigh of gustatory satisfaction. Click HERE for more info.


Neighborhood: Coconut Grove
Address: 3413 Main Hwy, Miami, FL 33133
Recommended by: Josh Hackler (Co-owner of Krüs Kitchen).

Wine: Bulle Facteur Rose Pet Nat
This wine is SO delicious. Its fruit, texture and freshness are seamless. Raspberry tart with cranberry jam makes it perfect to kick start your night together. Pair with some oysters that you and your partner can shuck as a fun activity or enjoy it with a dark chocolate dessert. Click HERE for info.

Wine: Hors Champ
If there was ever a time to use the word sexy to describe a wine, it’s here. Rich, dark, ethereal fruit and tannins make this wine so damn drinkable. Grab a bottle and you’re guaranteed to feel those little flurries you felt on that first date. Click HERE for info.


Neighborhood: Key Biscayne
Address: 328 Crandon Blvd # 122 -123
Recommended by: Allegra Angelo (Sommelier at Vinya).

Bubbly: Dis Vin Secret Extra Brut 
A leader in biodynamic viticulture since the 1990s, Françoise Bedel Champagne is the perfect way to “dress up” the mood for a date night. She farms in the western fringes of the Marne Valley where Pinot Meunier thrives in silty-sandy soils. This special “Dis, ‘Vin Secret’” bottling is typically 100% Meunier (some years a little Pinot Noir or Chardonnay is added), aged for 5 years and bottled with low sulfur. Bone-dry, it’s easy to love with notes of honey, poached stone fruits, and freshly baked bread. Have a leftover glass vase from your flowers? Use it as a decanter (yes, you can decant Champagne!) and let the purity of Pinot Meunier shine. Click HERE for info.


Neighborhood: Coral Gables
Address: 2205 Ponce de Leon Blvd, Coral Gables FL 33134
Recommended by: María Claudia Di Guida De Sola (Co-owner of Caná Wine Shop)

Bubbly: Cava Robert De Nola 
For starters, paired with a charcuterie board and creamy cheeses. Click HERE for info.

Bubbly: Champagne Brimoncourt Brut Régence
For the entrée, paired with salmon tartar or poached salmon. Click HERE for info.

Bubbly: Champagne Brimoncourt Brut Rosé
For dessert, paired with strawberries and whipped cream or some macaroons. Click HERE for info.


Neighborhood: Downtown
Address: 134 NE 2nd Ave, Miami, FL 33132
Recommended by: Karina Iglesias (Co-owner of NIU KitchenArson and Medium Wine Shop). 

Wine: Louis Antoine Luyt. Pet Nat 
100% Uva Pais, a red grape variety from Maule Valley in Chile. This wine is light and spicy -like everyone’s love life should be. It goes well with a lot of things: pizza, charcuterie & cheese, and with strawberry cheesecake. Click HERE for info.


Neighborhood: Little River
Address: 207 NE 82nd Terrace, Miami, FL 33138
Recommended by: Lucio Bueno (Owner of Lucio Wine Shop). 

Bubbly: Carolina Gatti Tredici Sette (Italy) Raboso
For a date night, I would pick something delicious but not too formal. I would enjoy this with a good pizza with arugula and parmesan cheese or a good carbonara pasta. Click HERE for more info.

Bubbly: Borachio Pash Rash Pet Nat (Australia) 
I would pair this Australian sparkling (Pet Nat) with something as simple and delicious as ‘mejillones al vapor’ (steamed mussels) or something fancier like fresh oysters. Click HERE for more info.