The Welcome to Miami Guide 

Thanks to Don Julio you can LITERALLY prove you're from Miami


These restaurants and bars have been hand selected by The Hungry Post and are presented by: 

Welcome to Miami where literally, “supposably”, super, ventanita, croquetica are the first words you need to add to your vocabulary. Use them nonchalantly in conversation and no one will know you’re not from here.

Introducing The Hungry Post Welcome to Miami Guide Part One: The perfect starter pack for those that have recently moved to South Florida from New York, Los Angeles and beyond. This list includes a classic Miami steakhouse, a Cuban ventanita, the only chain restaurant that matters and more.

We’ve hand-selected these spots to give you the true Miami experience. If you’ve got this guide down, then you’re in “the know” and have proven you belong. You’re welcome.


You need to go to The Standard to experience the low-key side of Miami Beach.

Neighborhood: Miami Beach
Address: 40 Island Ave, Miami Beach
Hours: 8 AM – 11:30 PM Mon-Sun
Outdoor seating only.

What you need to know
The Standard is a global, boutique hotel brand. However, there’s something truly special about The Standard in Miami Beach. It not only has a Spa but the best outdoor deck with waterfront views.

Go here when you’re feeling homesick. It will ground you, you’ll forget why you were upset in the first place and you’ll witness Miami’s magic. It’s boho Miami vibes with a California-like crowd.

What you’re getting
Stop by for happy hour at The Lido Bayside Grill from Monday-Thursday from 4-6 PM.

You could even pretend you’re “working from home” while you sip on your Don Julio Paloma. We also recommend trying the Limonada de Coco and spiking it with Don Julio Blanco. Whatever you do, don’t leave without ordering a basket of the truffle fries.


You need to go to Joe’s Stone Crab because if you don’t, did you even move to Miami?!

Neighborhood: Miami Beach
Address: 11 Washington Ave, Miami Beach
Hours:  5 PM – 10 PM Mon-Thu, 11:30 AM – 2:30 PM / 5 PM – 11 PM Fri-Sun
Limited outdoor seating is available.

What you need to know
It couldn’t be a Welcome to Miami Guide if we didn’t include Joe’s Stone Crab. Joe’s is synonymous with Miami and it never gets old. We’d skip the white table cloth fine dining experience and go for Joe’s Take Away.

The food is the same quality as the restaurant but you’ll have a much better view if you take it to go and eat it at South Pointe Park.

It’s informal, so go in athleisure but feel fancy eating your stone crabs. It’s a right of passage so you will run into tourists and locals. After all, it’s been around since 1913.

What you’re getting
Joe’s is recognized nationwide for its Stone Crabs. We always go for the select size and dip them into the mustard sauce. You also can’t miss Joe’s Fried 1/2 Chicken, the Stone Crab Bisque and the ice-cold slice of Key Lime Pie. 


You need to go to Monty’s for a bayside happy hour hang.  

Neighborhood: Coconut Grove
Address: 2550 S Bayshore Dr, Miami
Hours: 11:30 AM – 11 PM Mon-Fri, 11 AM – 12 AM Sat, 11 AM – 11 PM Sun
Outdoor seating only.

What you need to know
Monty’s Raw Bar has been around since 1969. There are two locations but our favorite is the one in Coconut Grove. The iconic and tiki-inspired eatery serves great drinks like the Captain Morgan Mule and seafood fare dockside.

It’s informal, for all ages and has outdoor covered seating. “Supposably”, if you’re a high roller you can park your boat in the Bayshore Landing Marina. All you have to do is contact their dock master in advance at 305-854-7997.

Happy Hour is available from Monday – Friday 4 PM-7 PM. Specials include $6 pain removers, mojitos and frozen drinks as well as $1 oysters, $1 shrimp, and pacific stone crabs at a discount.

What you’re getting 
You’re sharing everything and getting the House-Smoked Fish Dip with Applewood smoked Mahi & wahoo, Peel and Eat Shrimp with Old Bay, the Curly Fries which is literally a huge brick of seasoned curly fries and the Baja Fish Tacos.


You need to go to Islas Canarias if there’s a heated debate about Miami’s favorite croqueta.

Neighborhood: South Miami
Address: 13695 SW 26th St, Miami, FL 33175
Hours: 8 AM – 9 PM Mon-Thu, 8 AM – 10:30 PM Fri-Sat, 8 AM – 10 PM Sun
Limited outdoor seating is available.

What you need to know
Upon your arrival to Miami, chances are that you will get into a super heated argument with a local about where to find Miami’s favorite croqueta. It will most probably leave someone in tears because, let’s face it, if Miami cares about one thing, it’s croquetas. It’s subjective but if you find yourself in this discussion and say Islas Canarias, nobody can argue that.

Islas Canarias is a family-run Cuban restaurant and bakery that has been around since 1977 in Kendall. We’d go here for breakfast. It’s fast-paced, loud and unpretentious.

They have two locations. One is a full restaurant and bar serving breakfast, lunch and dinner. It also has a ventanita (very Miami) which is perfect for window-side ordering for Cuban baked goods and cafecito on the go. The other is a cafe/ bakery that only serves breakfast. If you go to the cafe you can put your name down for a table. You can also skip the wait and head straight for the bakery display to place your order to-go.

What you’re getting 
A Café con Leche and a Croquetica (thats croqueta in cutesy Miami slang).


You need to go to Flanigan’s with the Miami girl or guy you just met so that they know you get them.

Address: Various locations
Hours: Vary for each location 
Outdoor seating is available.

What you need to know
We’re not ones to talk about chain restaurants but there is one exception. Flanigan’s or Flanny’s for short is Miami’s favorite family-run Florida chain that has been around since 1959.

It’s laid-back, all about the massive plates and we can’t get enough of it. No matter what you end up eating, get a fountain soda that comes in a reusable dark green cup with Joe “Big Daddy” Flanigan’s face on it. Leave it in your car cup holder as that subtle sign that you belong here.

Every Flanigan’s is special and of course, there is consistency in the fishing and boating decorations. Our Flanny’s is the one in Coconut Grove but recently went to the one on 127th and 88th in Kendall and it was just as great.

Flanigan’s is for late-night eating and game days. It’s chill and you can come as you are.

What you’re getting 
Everyone has a Flanigan’s order. Ours is always going to be the chargrilled Baby Back Ribs smothered in their tangy-sweet BBQ sauce with curly fries. We also really like the Pasta Caesar that comes with tricolor rotini pasta, Caesar salad and we like to add the BBQ chicken stickers.


You need to go to Bon Goût for Haitian-American barbecue.

Neighborhood: Little Haiti
Address: 99 NW 54th St, Miami, FL 33127
Hours: 12 PM – 8 PM Tue-Thu, 12 PM – 10 PM Fri-Sat, 11 AM – 6 PM Sun
No outdoor seating

What you need to know
Everyone and their mother loves BBQ. You’ve probably tried Memphis, Texas and Carolina style but have you tried Haitian BBQ? Bon Goût which means good taste in French is a neighborhood spot located in Little Haiti. The corner restaurant is cozy, colorful and proudly displays the Haitian flag.

The Haitian BBQ menu is divided by proteins that include chicken, fish, pork, beef and the combo section. Bon Goût also specializes in Zakos which are their version of tacos that come on corn tortillas with queso fresco, sour cream, Griot (Haitian fried pork), cilantro and spicy pikilies for garnish.

What you’re getting
We love a good combo so get the Rib & Brisket with Mac and Cheese and Cornbread. Other sides include the Banan Peze (fried plantains), Collard Greens and Loaded Cheese Fries with chicken, griot or brisket.

Add their signature mustard-based bbq sauce to the 10-hour smoked brisket and marinated ribs that fall off the bone.


You need to go to Tobacco Road and imagine what the Miami Vice days were like. 

Neighborhood: Brickell
Address: 69 SW 7th St, Miami, FL 33130
Hours: 9 AM – 7:30 PM Mon-Sat, 10 AM – 5 PM Sat 
Limited outdoor seating is available.

What you need to know
You probably don’t know this but Miami was home to this local watering hole called Tobacco Road. It was Miami’s oldest bar, dating back to pre-Prohibition, and sadly closed its doors in the fall of 2014.

Lucky for you, you didn’t even have to miss it because Tobacco Road has recently re-opened a couple of doors down from the original location.

It’s not the real Tobacco Road but more of a tribute and Matt Kuscher of Kush Hospitality Group is behind the return.

The place is packed with vintage Tobacco Road memorabilia, signed autographs of the celebrities that once stopped by and other Matt Kush trinkets.

If you work in Brickell or Downtown we’d come after a long day of work. Your boss was being extra petty today and you’ll be drinking and eating your feelings.

What you’re getting
Go for the Old Bay and sofrito-rubbed Wings, Bang Bang Shrimp and the spicy Death Burger with jack cheese, sauteed onions, jalapeños, spicy mayo and sriracha. As far as drinks go we’d go with the Kermit Smoking Dat Loud that comes with gin, cucumber and ginger.


You need to go to Knaus Berry Farm and discover Homestead with the kids.

Neighborhood: Homestead
Address: 15980 SW 248th St, Homestead
Hours: 8 AM – 5:30 PM Mon-Sat 

What you need to know
Miami is more than sus playas. Ever heard of Homestead? Deep South before you get to the Keys, you will find the second oldest city within Miami Dade called Homestead. Primarily known for its agriculture, Homestead is where you go for fresh produce, fruit stands, tropi plants and cinnamon rolls.    

Knaus Berry Farm has been around since 1956. This is the place to take your kids. There almost always is a line but you’ve got to make it. You can even do strawberry and tomato picking.

They’re open from 8 AM-5:30 PM from Monday – Saturday and closed Sunday. Their Shake Stand closes at 5:15 and the u-pick (for strawberries and tomatoes) closes at 4 PM. If you are interested in the u-pick call ahead: 305-247-0668.

What you’re getting
Along with the famous sticky Cinnamon Rolls, you’ll need a Strawberry Milkshake.

If you’re not looking for a drive to Homestead, you can also score The Sticky Bun Donuts in collaboration with Salty Donuts from March 12 – March 21st. It’s a hybrid between Knaus Berry Sticky Buns inside Salty Donut’s brioche dough finished off with a pecan and toffee sauce.


You need to go to Christy’s if you’re still doubting your recent move to Miami and missing New York’s old-school nostalgia. 

Neighborhood: Coral Gables
Address: 3101 Ponce de Leon, Miami
Hours: 5:30 PM – 9:30 PM Tue-Thu, 5:30 PM – 10 PM Fri-Sat
Limited outdoor seating is available.

What you need to know
Those that romanticize a black and white, Frank Sinatra sort-of-New-York will feel right at home. Christy’s is more than just a steakhouse, it’s a Miami institution that has been around for 43 years and serves the classics. Inside its regal with dark red walls, a portrait of Benjamin Franklin and crystal chandeliers. Christy’s is for an after-work dinner with clients. Suits and ties are commonly worn. But it could also be for the fam or a hot date where you’d wear red lipstick and be extra. If someone is bringing you here, we’d say it’s all right to feel important.

What you’re getting 
A classic cocktail like a Ketel One Dirty Martini with stuffed blue cheese olives is the way to start. As far as appetizers go we’d share Christy’s Famous Caesar Salad with house-made rustic croutons, fresh grated Parmesan and anchovies; The Escargot (which you don’t usually get in an American steakhouse) with a classic white wine, garlic, herb butter and the Potato Skins with sour cream, chives and caviar.

As far as your main goes, they have a selection of signature steaks and are known for their Prime Rib of Beef which is hand-carved to order. We’ve yet to try it but we’ll be back for that. If you’re looking for something other than steak, don’t miss the Herb-Crusted Rack of Lamb (make it a full rack and lollipop) with a Greek yogurt mint sauce and a sherry honey glaze on a bed of mushrooms and asparagus ragout. We’re suckers for potato sides so had to go with the Potato Gratin that was creamy and beautifully layered like a mille-feuille. If you want to finish the night with an over-the-top spectacle, get the Baked Alaska. They flambé the meringue table-side so you can go out with a bang.


Welcome to Miami Guide