Hungry Posted: Vagabond Sushi Bar

Vagabond Sushi has revamped their menu

When you rather drive to Little River than South Beach for sushi & drinks.

Location:Little River

Address:7301 Biscayne Blvd, Miami, FL 33138

Meal Type
Lunch & Dinner



When you rather drive to Little River than South Beach cause it’s so chill. Here is a spot you can find sushi and bar in one. 

What to expect: If you spot the “Vagabond Motel” sign, you’re at the right place. Walk in through the bar and go straight outside. That’s the best seat in the house. You’ll get a nice breeze and way better lighting for your selfies.

The Menu: Start small, or go big and share. That’s how the menu tells it. There is also a long list of nigiri and sashimi by the piece. Order a few pieces to get your palate started. Then go for a sushi roll to share. We definitely recommend the Japanese Fried Chicken in your order. Tap into that “second stomach” for dessert because you will want to try the Chocolate Lava Cake.

What to order:

Oil Blanch Cauliflower: They didn’t skimp on spicy in this dish. Sweet chili BBQ sauce and lemon tagarachi sour cream smother the chopped cauliflower. Presentation was surprising–in a good way–and we happen to like the heat.

Japanese Fried Chicken: Twice fried chicken with bone-in. The sriracha butter sauce had us reaching for the chilled wine. It is topped with a napa cabbage kimchi slaw and garnished with some greens. Can be shared between two if you’re ordering some apps and a sushi roll.

Nutella Brownie: On the plate you will find several pieces of the nutella brownie cut into perfect squares. Caramelized popcorn is sprinkled throughout, and a scoop of strawberry ice cream adds the final touch. This one is easy to share since everyone can grab a piece off the plate.

Off the menu: Ask for their special.

How to score a table: Walk-up is fine or call 786-332-4991 for reservations. They are also on OpenTable.